Riba vs. Trade - Rights and Responsibilities

One of the most confusing issues for most people when they look at home financing programs, is trying to determine if the program is structured according to Shariah, or if it only appears to be so.

Illusion vs. Reality - Important Questions to Ask Home Financing Programs

With an increasing number of programs that claim to be in accordance with Shariah it can be difficult to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are traditional mortgages that have been reworked...

Fact vs. Fiction - Common Misconceptions about Riba

When looking at Islamic Home Financing options, it is important to clearly define which issues are relevant and which issues are only put forth to impair your ability to properly judge the validity of a given...

Are Mortgages Halal?

A Murabaha sale is when someone owns (or buys) something then resells it for a higher price and may accept to collect the payment in installments. To some, a Murabaha program with installment payments may appear to have the qualities of a loan because in many ways it is similar to a loan from the seller to the buyer.  However, there are differences and the following requirements must be met in order for the transaction to be a true sale, not a loan that pretends to be a sale.   more ►

The Role of Regulations
Because rental is a feasible housing option for those who cannot afford to buy, there is no legitimate reason to purchase a home with an interest-based loan. Invoking an exception because of “darura” (necessity) is a serious matter and should only occur under similar circumstances to those that would force someone to eat pork from fear of starvation.  more ►